Lianne's Bio

Lianne's Story

Lianne Thompson creates her beautiful pieces in her art studio on a small cattle ranch in Central Texas. ArtbyLianne is inspired by the quiet, serene environment of the countryside, as well as by life and her travel adventures.

A lifelong fascination with color leads her to explore various visual arts mediums and methods. Lianne creates her art on non-porous substrates such as tile, glass, metal, and synthetic paper. Her primary medium is alcohol ink. These combinations enhance the translucent colors, ranging from brilliant aquas to the palest pastel oranges. Applications of multiple layers add depth and interest to each unique piece. Each piece is highly unique; this thin ink moves on its own and can only be encouraged, but rarely controlled. Seascapes, Landscapes, Florals, and a sprinkling of modern art designs make up the majority of her work.

Lianne takes her art on the road, driving her renovated school bus (AKA “Artibus Faire”), to fine art shows in Texas during the spring and fall months.